Specializing in: Balayage, precision haircut, long layered haircut, blowouts/finishing services, natural dimensional colors, blondes

Additional Education: 

  • Advanced Balayage with Sean Godard, Redken Global Artist/NAHA Winner (September, 2019)
  • Fundamentals of Design w/ Redken Global Educator Brayden Pelletier & Eunice Aguilar (June, 2019)
  • Advanced Color Placement with Eric Ray, Redken NYC and Vicki Laris, Redken NYC/Celebrity Colorist (September,2018)
  • Beachside Blondes by Aveda (June, 2018)
  • Total Design Immersion with Redken’s Global Artistic Ambassador & Sassoon Lifetime Achievement Award Recipient, Sam Villa (June, 2018)
  • Design Trends with Hugo Urias–Global Redken Artist, Los Angeles (Sept, 2017)
  • Balayage/Hair Painting W/ Redken NYC Artist Tina Calzaretta (June, 2017)
  • Communicate Effectively Behind The Chair w/ Ryan Morgan (August, 2017)
  • Weekly New Talent Classes at Salon West with Leah Hanson (July 2017-January 2018)
  • Aveda Graduate (2017)
  • Aveda Artistic Team (2016-2017)


Getting to know Dana..

What is your beauty philosophy?

“I think one of the most beautiful things is confidence and loving yourself for who and what you are!"

What is something you love about working at Salon West?

"I have created amazing lifelong friendships. All of my coworkers are extremely supportive and encouraging."

What is your guilty pleasure?

"Tootsie rolls! I can eat an entire bag in less than 5 minutes, they're so good!"

Which celebrity do you think renders great style?

"Demi Lovato and Carrie Underwood." 

What's your favorite music?

"I grew up listening to all kinds of music, so I would say it just depends on the day and my mood."

What is something most people don't know about you?

"I was a cheerleader for 11 years!"

What is your favorite food or local restaurant?

"I love food too much to pick a favorite!"

Seminole City Center
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Monday - Thursday: 8:00AM to 9:00PM
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Sunday: 10:00AM to 6:00PM

About Salon West Aveda

At Salon West Aveda, we invite you to experience professional haircare. Such as hair color, hair design, botanical therapy treatment, blowouts, up-styling, facial waxing and professional make-up application in our full service salon with an artistic atmosphere..

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